10 Reasons Not To Fly In on Sail Away Day

As I covered in yesterday’s Live Vlog {which you can watch HERE}, I’ve seen that a number of cruisers are contemplating arriving in Miami on the morning of sail away.  To those fans, I say this:  DON’T DO IT!  If my frantic arm-flailing and screaming are not convincing enough, here’s 10 reasons why you should not arrive on the day we set sail:

  1.  You Might Miss Your Flight:  You’re probably going to have to catch an early flight.  What if you oversleep?!  You’ll catch some extra shut eye 😒…but you’ll likely miss the boat!
  2. Your Flight Might Be Delayed:  Worst case – you miss the boat.  Best case – you’re racing across one of the busiest cities in the country to get to the busiest cruise port in the world in time to catch a ship with your 5 favorite men on board.  That’s going to be stressful.  Even if you DO make it, you’re going to arrive stressed, likely aggravated, and probably sweaty {because…Miami in May}.  This would be a TERRIBLE way to start your trip!
  3. You’ll Miss The Pre-Cruise Festivities That The Boys May Do:  Typically, the night before a U.S.-based cruise has SOME kind of event featuring one, some, or all 5 of the Boys.  If you’re not in Miami, then you’re definitely going to miss out!
  4. You’ll Miss The Pre-Cruise Festivities That Fans Have Planned:  Whether the Boys do something or not, a lot of fan groups are planning pre-cruise get-togethers for the night before.  These can be great opportunities for newbies and vets alike to mingle without the Boys.  No hair-pulling, pushing, shoving, or general Backstreet-induced hysteria – just fans being nice to each other.
  5. You’ll Likely Miss Out on That Last Good Night’s Sleep Before The Cruise:  They’re not kidding, guys!  There’s no sleeping on these cruises…well…I mean, yeah – you’ll sleep.  You might even catch a nap here and there {I do!}.  But as far as that quality sleep you’re used to in your own bed for 8 blissful hours?  Yeah, kiss that idea goodbye!  Rest up so that you won’t be a sleep-deprived zombie midway through day 2.  It’ll be easier to do that if the bed you’re sleeping in is in Miami!  😴💅🏽
  6. You’ll Be Commuting Straight From The Airport to The Cruise Port…NO THANKS:  Do you REALLY want to have spend the morning rushing through an airport just to have to go to another travel-y type place where you might be rushing if you’re late?  Remember, you have to de-plane at the airport, get your luggage, and get your transport at the airport to the port.  THEN, when you arrive at the port, you have to get your luggage to the people who’ll take it onto the ship for you and THEN go through customs, and THEN check in with Carnival, and THEN get your wristband from Rose Tours.  Even typing this out has me like, ‘Dis tew much!’
  7. You Might Miss Watching The Boys Board the Ship:  There’s a lot of fanfare {pun TOTALLY intended} for the Boys’ arrival to the cruise terminal and their boarding of the ship.  They board before everyone else and let me be clear:  If you’re not already hyped…They.  Will.  Get.  You.  Hyped.  Are you actually going to chance missing that?!
  8. You Might Not Get to Spend Time Exploring The Ship Before Things Kick Off:  This is something I ALWAYS like to do before the safety briefing takes place.  I like to get familiar with where everything is and where the easiest/fastest ways to get to certain areas are.  This is a lot easier to do without the pressure of having to make it to an event or to where you’ve just heard that a specific Boy might be hanging out.  Take this time to just chill and pretend like this is a vacation and not a Backstreet Business Trip – can’t do that if you don’t get there in time.
  9. You Could Miss The Chance to Pre-Game On Board:  Before the ship sails away, some of the bars will probably be open.  If you want to ‘get loose’ and sip on a little somthin’, this may be a great time.
  10. If You Were Planning To Decorate Your Door Before Sail Away, You Might Lose Valuable Time To Do That:  Sure, there will be some free time here and there after we depart, but it can be hard to come by.  Plus, it’s going to be a mad house in the hallways.  Not to mention that while you’re decorating your door after the cruise is well underway, your favorite Boy could be meandering in the halls just waiting to be discovered!  🤦🏽‍♀️

So…like…DON’T DO IT!


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