Millennium White Night – Costume Ideas

Theme #3

Ok – I’ll admit it.  This one was a challenge in its simplicity.  I’m a complex thinker.  I don’t mean that as in ‘I think I’m Aristotle’ or anything.  I mean it as in ‘I make EVERYTHING harder by over-thinking’.  I see that many of you have that same problem.  For this one, I had to take a moment and think.  When the theme was first announced, I flipped out.  Millennium is my favorite of the Boys’ albums and this party is just going to be insane.  I can feel it in m’bones! So, I was pulling into my office parking lot and did a little jig in the driver’s seat as I put my car in park.  Then…I started thinking.  ‘Now what do I do?!’

I came up with an idea.  Then I got with a couple of friends and fleshed it out a little further and it turned into something epic!  I won’t share what it is because – like I said in last night’s vlog – I don’t want to have to cut a b*tch for showing up in my costume.

I thought I was done.  And then I decided to do a blog post for the other 2 themes.  And then you guys started reaching out to me for ideas for this one.  And then, all I could think – literally on a constant loop – was, ‘Well, f*ck!’

But then, I started thinking again…and here’s what I came up with!

Want to go 1999 cute?  Ok…white flair jeans {if you can find them – if you can’t, get you some capri pants!  They’re back in style, stores are just being slick and calling them ‘crops’ for 2018, lolz.}, chunky white wedge sandals, a white tube top, and some white butterfly clips.  BOOM.  Done.  Mission Accomplished.  Or, also very ’99 – a white spaghetti strap slip dress and heeled sandals.  You could find some baggy white pants and a white wife beater – pair those with some white sneakers and a white baseball cap and you’d basically be fit to be one of the Boys in ’99.

Or, say you’re like me and you don’t want to be hemmed in by having to stick to an ‘era’. Guys…just do what I’m planning to do and show up cute AF in all white!  You can even break up your white with some denims, creams, ivory, greys, and metallics {gold and silver}.

NEWSFLASH!  There aren’t ACTUALLY any rules!  No one’s going to not let you into the party because you’re not draped from head to toe in solid white!  With that in mind, here are some of my favorite looks that I came come across while looking for inspiration.

Important Note:  Everything I’ve pulled for this is 100% *my* style, so I get that it may not be for everyone.  That being said, I tried to pick an array of looks, some more formal and some more casual to appease different tastes.  Hope this helps!




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